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  • Assurance of New Zealand’s Emergency Management System

    Assurance can fulfil several useful roles for our Emergency Management system including driving continuous improvement, supporting integration and interoperability, testing preparations, and demonstrating areas for improvement before an emergency. Ultimately, the outcome of assurance should be...

    Closed 7 August 2023

  • Renaming of 'Welfare Services' in the National CDEM Plan

    As part of the Trifecta review, we will be reviewing the term ‘Welfare’ as specified in the National CDEM Plan and supporting guidance.

    Closed 4 October 2022

  • NWCG Trifecta Workshop Session: Welfare Coordination Arrangements

    We are asking for your input on the National coordination structures that work to achieve the preparedness objectives of the Welfare Services arrangements in the new Plan.

    Closed 28 June 2022

  • NWCG Trifecta Workshop Session: Subfunctions

    The purpose of this survey is to gather your feedback on how you view your current and future involvement as a support and/or responsible agency under the existing Welfare subfunction arrangements. We know that there are already discussions underway by some agencies who see themselves having...

    Closed 20 April 2022

  • Aotearoa Tsunami Evacuation Map

    Survey for the Aotearoa Tsunami Evacuation Map

    Closed 7 April 2022